Guerin CPA AAC located in San Diego, CA is a licensed California certified public accounting firm offering business advisory services,

 accounting services, and tax services.

1 San Diego, CA Accounting Tax Return Preparation: CPA Accountant


New York


A San Diego CPA practice with offices located in the vicinity of Carmel Valley/Del Mar providing business advisory services, accounting services, and tax services.

 Certified Public Accountant

3 San Diego, CA Accounting Tax Return Preparation: CPA Accountant

1049 Camino Del Mar

Suite F

Del Mar, CA 92014

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Contact us: 858-205-1079

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27 San Diego, CA Accounting Tax Return Preparation: CPA Accountant

Engagement Service Fee:

Our engagement service fee is disclosed in an engagement letter (“agreement”) that is signed between parties. The engagement letter will define the scope of our services, the client’s responsibilities, our firm’s responsibilities, timing of the services, fees and billings, and conflict resolutions. The engagement letter will be signed upon consent between parties before our firm, Guerin CPA, renders such services as per the terms of the agreement.

Our engagement service fee can be based on prior year bills from your previous CPA. As such, our firm will welcome and review your prior CPA’s invoice(s) for such services to determine if our firm can meet and/or beat their engagement service fee to render such service(s).

Below is a list of our services and how our firm charges for its engagement service fee:

Business Advisory Services: - Hourly Charge Rate

Accounting Services: - Hourly Charge Rate

Tax Services: - (See below)

Tax Planning and Consulting: - Hourly Charge Rate

Tax Return Preparation: - Fixed Charge Rate or Hourly Charge Rate

!! Important !! Through our complimentary consultation, tax return preparation fees will be based upon review of the prior year’s tax returns plus any additional current period information that would generate additional filing requirements for the current tax period. As part of our engagement service fee, most tax return preparations will qualify for a fixed charge rate which will be disclosed in our engagement letter.

A quote is available upon consultation for these tax return preparation services below:

Individual Tax Returns:

Domestic Individuals:

Foreign Individuals:

Business Tax Returns:

Domestic Companies:

Foreign Companies:

Trust and Gift Tax Returns:

Domestic Trusts and Gifts:

Foreign Trusts and Gifts:

Tax Controversy and Examinations: - Hourly Charge Rate

71 San Diego, CA Accounting Tax Return Preparation: CPA Accountant